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Learn More About Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley region includes the land from Albany and Troy through to north Westchester County in New York State. Once some of the new world’s most fertile land, Hudson Valley now largely plays host to New York Metropolitan area bedroom communities, outstanding restaurants, and a number of historical attractions.

Hudson Valley is also home to a surfeit of talented attorneys who are familiar with local court procedure. Lawyers in Hudson Valley take a wide range of cases, some typical examples include chapter 7 bankruptcy, automobile injury, wrongful termination, contract dispute, real estate, and divorce cases.

Recently in Hudson Valley, Troy city officials filed a lawsuit against the building owner of the new Troy City Hall. Although the new city hall was supposed to be ready several months ago, Judge Development Corporation has allegedly failed to complete the building and its accessibility requirements. The City of Troy has paid $25,644 each month in rent for the 36,000 square foot office space but hasn’t been able to move in. Mayor of Troy Harry Tutunjian filed the lawsuit to recoup some of the wasted taxpayers’ money.

If you have a lawsuit to file in the Hudson Valley, it’s likely you will be heading to one of New York States’ courts. The New York State Unified Court System contains a number of courts and divisions with which you are required to file correctly. It’s best to consult an experienced Hudson Valley attorney before proceeding with your case.

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