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Learn More About Hempstead, NY

The Town of Hempstead, with a population of over 700,000, is the most populous town within the nation. Located on Long Island, the town is home to New York’s largest and private college, Hofstra University. Although Hempstead is located so close to the hustle and bustle of the nearby big city, it still maintains a great feeling and is a great place to raise a family.
If you need legal advice in Hempstead, there are many qualified Hempstead lawyers that are eager to assist you. These attorneys are great listeners and are wel informed in many areas of law including divorce, DUI, child custody, personal injury, negligence, contract, real estate, tax, alimony, pre-marital contracts, and more.
A former Hempstead athletic manager for the Hofstra University football program is suing the university as well as individuals employed there. The lawsuit was filed by a 23 year old graduate student who was working part time for the football program to defray some of the expenses of her graduate degree. The lawsuit claims that the Hempstead woman was subjected to sexist comments, sexual harassment, and other forms of discrimination, and was subsequently let go from her position after she complained to authorities within the university. The Hempstead woman is seeking damages for her lost wages, as well as a court order that she be reinstated to her former position.
If you have a legal issue stemming from Hempstead that requires you to go to court, you will likely have to report to one of three courts: the Nassau County Supreme Court, District Court, or Criminal Court. The local attorneys regularly practice in these courts and can help you figure out which one your legal action belongs in.
When you are ready to talk to a Hempstead lawyer, is here to help you find the right attorney for your situation. By matching your legal issue to legal professionals in your area that are experienced in the laws that apply to your case, you can be assured that the attorneys that respond to your case are ready to help you. As always, our service is entirely free for you and all your information will remain strictly confidential.
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