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Learn More About Amherst, NY

The town of Amherst was created in 1818 by the State of New York and was carved out of the town of Buffalo. Amherst is currently home to four places of higher education, two of which are the North Campus of the University at Buffalo and Daemen College. The Amherst Museum is also located in town and provides visitors a glimpse into the past as the museum contains 12 historic buildings and many of the docents and volunteers provide a living history exhibit.
If you need to file a lawsuit in Amherst, there are many talented Amherst lawyers who are available to represent you. These attorneys regularly practice in areas of law such as immigration, employment discrimination, assault, DUI, tax, bankruptcy, divorce, child custody, and many more.
An Amherst man recently lost his case against a nearby city over an almost $7,000 water bill. The Amherst man maintained a vacation home in the nearby city and regularly paid a quarterly water bill of about $60 for the past several years. However, the man received quite a shock when a nearly $7,000 water bill arrived, quoting that the man ran through more than 1 million gallons of water for the quarter. The Amherst man contacted the city government, and eventually argued his case in front of a judge with expert plumbing witnesses. The judge, however, refused to budge and cited evidence that a leaky pipe could cause this amount of water to flow through the man’s meter. The Amherst man eventually paid his bill, but still feels snubbed by the ruling.
Amherst is served by New York State Supreme Courts in the 8th Judicial District, commonly referred to as the Erie County Supreme Court. The Supreme Courts of New York are the trial level courts and have the jurisdiction to hear both civil and criminal cases. If you need help filing your lawsuit in this court, a local Amherst lawyer would be a good person to talk to.
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