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Learn More About Dutchess County, NY

Dutchess County is located in New York State, east of the Hudson River and to the west of the New York-Connecticut border. Dutchess County is steeped in history, and is possibly best know for being the location that Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt used to test out their New Deal ideas. The rich history can be seen throughout the county—from the old colonial houses to the stone churches.

In the News: Recently, a former superintendent of a school district in Dutchess County sued the county seeking more than $100 million in damages. The man alleges he was the victim of a malicious prosecution that ruined his career. Dutchess County had originally brought suit against the man, claiming that he had embezzled nearly $1 million from the district. He was eventually cleared of all charges. The former superintendent claims he was prosecuted for improper reasons and there was never enough evidence to convict him.

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