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Learn More About Nassau County, NY

Located on Long Island, Nassau County is a suburb of the New York Metropolitan Area. The Nassau County population exploded in the 1950s due to an exodus of residents of New York City seeking a suburban lifestyle. Nassau County is one of the most affluent counties in the United States and was also ranked as the county with the lowest crime rate in 2005.

With its proximity to one of the great legal centers of the world, it is no wonder there are plenty of highly talented Nassau County lawyers available to assist you if you need legal advice. These lawyers are well experienced in many areas of law including taxation, bankruptcy, corporate, intellectual property, personal injury, criminal defense, products liability, and more.

Nassau County is currently defending its "DWI Wall of Shame" website. The controversial website was created to deter drunk driving by posting the mug shots of all those arrested in Nassau County for a DWI. A group of citizens is claiming that the website is infringing upon the constitutional rights of those arrested for DWI. However, Nassau County is vigorously defending against the suit and plans to release numbers showing the usefulness of the website.

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