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Learn More About Poughkeepsie, NY

Known as the Queen City of the Hudson, Poughkeepsie, NY derives its name from an Iroquois word meaning "the reed-covered lodge by the little water place." This community of approximately 30,000 people nestled among the banks of the Hudson river serves as the seat of Dutchess County. Poughkeepsie is the home of Vassar College, Marist College, and Dutchess Community College. IBM also maintains a large campus in Poughkeepsie. Local recreation options include the Bardavon 1869 Opera House, the Mid-Hudson Civic Center, and the Gallery and Studio (G.A.S.) visual art and performance space.
The area has attracted a large number of Poughkeepsie lawyers to make this area their home. Poughkeepsie attorneys practice in the areas of business, real estate, criminal prosecution and defense, immigration, personal injury, and family law, as well as others.
Lawyers in Poughkeepsie recently defended a local auto dealer against charges of fraud. The lawsuit, filed by the state’s attorney general, alleges that the owners of Mega Auto Group sold non-existent warranties to customers as an add-on to vehicle purchase, oftentimes without their knowledge. The state seeks full reimbursement of $200,000 to more than 100 customers plus $7,000 in penalties and costs per deceptive act. The lawsuit is ongoing.
Poughkeepsie is part of the New York State Unified Court System. Poughkeepsie attorneys may file your case in the Poughkeepsie City Court, the Dutchess County Supreme & County Court, the 2nd Appellate Division, or the NY Court of Appeals. Depending on your type of case, you may need to file suit at any of these courts. If you have a case that has arisen in Poughkeepsie, you may want to consult with a Poughkeepsie attorney to help you navigate the New York court system. can help in your search for a Poughkeepsie attorney. Our website contains helpful tips on selecting the right lawyer, as well as general information on a number of legal topics. LegalMatch’s free service also pre-screens Poughkeepsie attorneys with a proven track record in your legal area of need. Let LegalMatch pair you with the right Poughkeepsie lawyer for your unique case.
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