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Learn More About Long Beach, NY

Long Beach was considered the Riveria of the East and today remains a standout Nassau County city. Long Beach is a barrier island that is home to the Long Beach Polar Bear Swim, the largest Polar Bear Swim in the world.

Long Beach is also home to lawyers who are familiar with Nassau County and New York state courts. Lawyers in Long Beach uptake a wide variety of cases, some of which include: personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, civil cases, as well as drafting wills.

The city of Long Beach recently defeated the Long Beach Unified School District and Parent-Teacher Association lawsuit that had halted progress on the new airport upgrades. With the lawsuit out of the way, JetBlue Airways announced that it would work on reducing night noise among other assurances when they announced the construction on their new terminal and parking garage.

If you want to file for divorce in Long Beach, you’ll be visiting the 7th Judicial District Supreme or County Courts in Rochester. Both courts handle criminal cases, tort, contract, and miscellaneous civil cases but the Supreme Court retains exclusive jurisdiction over marriage dissolution. There are a number of courts and divisions with which to file in New York and it is your duty to file correctly.

By hiring an experienced Long Beach lawyer from LegalMatch, you will know your case will be taken care of and your lawyer will be New York State Bar certified. The LegalMatch website provides many helpful legal research tools like blawgs, an online law library, and newsletters all within the Legal Center. LegalMatch is a free service and your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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