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Learn More About Brooklyn

Becoming a borough of New York City in 1898, Brooklyn now has over 2.5 million residents, making it a veritable city of its own.  Influenced by the arts and commerce of New York City, and boasting a richly diverse population, Brooklyn has a flourishing and vibrant culture.

In such a densely populated city, numerous disputes are bound to arise between residents. These legal problems require Brooklyn lawyers.  These attorneys are available to assist you with your legal issue.

A person dealing with a sudden legal problem in such a large city like Brooklyn can feel bogged down in a morass of rules and regulations.  How can one get in touch with a local lawyer who is interested in their specific problem? is not an attorney listing service – they proactively match you with the right lawyers in Brooklyn, completely free of charge.  Simply provide the details of your case, and then you’re matched with several pre-screened Brooklyn attorneys ready to help.

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Brooklyn lawyers handle every type of lawsuit, including criminal law, bankruptcy law, personal injury law, real estate law, and more. For example, a recent Brooklyn case highlighted the dangers of the Red Bull energy drink.  Brooklyn resident Cory Terry allegedly died of a heart attack after drinking too many Red Bull drinks while playing basketball. Cory Terry’s mother then sued Red Bull for its role in contributing to the death of her son.  This lawsuit is believed to be the very first time that anyone has sued Red Bull over a wrongful death action.

Locate a Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer

Not too long ago, the FBI exposed the deep, and sometimes illegal, influence that the leaders of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, including Rabbi Menel Epstein, have on legal divorce proceedings engaged in by members of the community. Despite efforts by the New York state legistature to curb the leaders’ influence in the local divorce courts, hiring a skilled Brooklyn divorce attorney has become essential for everyone going through a divorce in the Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn.  Of course, retaining a good family law lawyer in Brooklyn is always a smart way to protect your interests in a divorce.

Get a Brooklyn Criminal Defense Lawyer

Brooklyn lawyers should be familiar with the Supreme Court of King County.  A competent Brooklyn lawyer will know all of the rules and regulations of the court, including those specific to divisions such as: civil law, criminal law, family law, surrogate, and drug use. LegalMatch understands the specific needs of various ethnic and religious communities and can match you with Jewish Lawyers in Brooklyn should you need their services.

If you are just beginning to search for answers to your legal problem, you might find some direction at LegalMatch’s Law Library with its 3000+ articles.  In addition to these free resources, you can also research Brooklyn law at the following outside sources:

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