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Learn More About Brentwood, NY

Brentwood is a hamlet in the town of Islip in Suffolk County. Brentwood was once known as Modern Times, a utopian individualist anarchist community that was based on individual sovereignty; but after the movement died out the hamlet was renamed Brentwood after Brentwood Essex in England.
Brentwood is home to a number of talented lawyers who take cases like: temporary immigration visa, estate administration, child custody, felony, and wrongful termination cases. Lawyers in Brentwood handle a wide range of cases and are familiar with local courts and procedures.
You may remember the anthrax mailings that earned the Brentwood Post Office $130 million in decontamination and renovation fees in 2003. The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently lost their main suspect to suicide. United States’ bio-defense researcher Bruce Ivins had worked for the bio-defense labs at Fort Detrick for the past 18 years and allegedly took his life after he heard charges were going to be filed against him by the U.S. Justice Department. Ivins was the top suspect in the anthrax mailings that killed 5.
If you are filing for divorce in Brentwood, you will likely be visiting the Family Court in the 10th Judicial District Court in Suffolk County.   This Court is also known as the Family Court of Central Islip. To file a lawsuit, you’ll likely be filing with the Suffolk County Court or the Supreme Court, both of which are also responsible for hearing criminal cases.
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