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Learn More About Centereach, NY

Centereach is a hamlet and census designated place in the larger town of Bookhaven. There are 27,000 Suffolk County, New York residents that live in Centereach who have seen their median home price inflate to $335,000 resulting from the recent construction and increase in median income. Due to this phenomena during the economic recession, Centereach is a newly popularized bedroom community for nearby larger cities.
Centereach also plays host to knowledgeable lawyers who know local courts well. Lawyers in Centereach take a broad mix of cases, some examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, personal injury, and real estate cases.
Recently in Centereach, Michael Chait who pleaded guilty months ago for drug possession and other charges after writing over 30,000 fraudulent prescriptions and receiving over $1 million in Medicaid reimbursements for selling pills. Chait was arrested over 2 years ago and was recently sentenced to 3 years with credit for time spent. He will also pay $944,000 in restitution.
If you have a case to file in Centereach, you will likely be visiting the Suffolk County or District Court. Centereach courts take many different kinds of cases like domestic relations, civil lawsuits, and criminal cases like DUI. Immigration issues must be heard by the U.S. Immigration Court in New York. New York State has a ridiculous amount of courts to choose from which can be very confusing; it’s best if you consult a lawyer who is familiar with Suffolk County and Centereach court procedures.
The best way to ensure everything is going smoothly with your case is by hiring an experienced Centereach lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch is a free online pairing service that matches you with lawyers in your area that are guaranteed to be bar certified. Also check out the Law Library for some great research articles.
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