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Learn More About Carmel, NY

Carmel, New York is located in Putnam County near Westchester and is the county seat. The Putnam County Courthouse was built in 1814 and is known as one of the two oldest operating courthouses in the United States. First settled in 1740, Carmel is also renowned for its female “Paul Revere.”  During the revolutionary days, a young Sybil Ludington rode her horse throughout the county warning citizens about the British who were burning the nearby town of Danbury, CT. Today, Carmel is considered a small city, having a population of about 36,000 people, and has as its current claim to fame the headquarters of Guidepost Magazine, a journal founded by Norman Vincent Peale.
Breaking news in May 2009 was the story about a former Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officer’s attempt to run for Putnam County Sheriff despite stiff opposition. The candidate, Kevin McConville, was previously accused of violating federal law to the tune of $12 Million in damages for allegedly discriminating against Hispanic and African American police officers while at the MTA in addition to the creation of a hostile work environment. Female officers joined in the claim of discrimination, a charge that is being taken up by the New York Civil Liberties Union. The outcome of the case is currently pending, while McConville is publicly announcing that there will be “zero tolerance” for racial or gender discrimination in Putman County.
In Carmel, litigants begin their cases in a Town or City court, County or District court. The amount of damages being alleged and the type of case (personal injury, breach of contract, felony, etc.) also controls. Family law cases are handled by a separate family law court and include marital dissolution, guardianship and cases alleging domestic violence. An experienced Carmel lawyer can help you determine which of the courts is most appropriate for your case or you can access one of the links below which for assistance.
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