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Learn More About Mount Vernon, NY

A large community bordering the Bronx, Mount Vernon is New York’s eighth largest city. Mount Vernon was originally settled as a renter’s cooperative by John Stevens, a merchant tailor from New York. He founded an association of renters from New York, mostly professionals such as Bronx lawyers, pooled their money in the form of dues for the association, and purchased the land that is now Mount Vernon so that New York renters could become a landed class.
Mount Vernon lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, personal injury litigation, and many more. Also, there are several attorneys in Mount Vernon that receive case referrals from White Plains lawyers on a regular basis.
Attorneys in Mount Vernon are currently suing the Mount Vernon school district for violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment. Plaintiffs allege that a science teacher taught intelligent design in science class, passed out bibles to students, and even burned the image of a cross onto two student’s forearms. The case is ongoing in Federal Court.
Most cases in Mount Vernon will begin and end in New York’s 9th Judicial District. Mount Vernon has its own court within this district. Although your case might never see a courtroom, it is still important for you to retain an attorney familiar with Westchester County court staff, judges, and other local lawyers.
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