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Jewish Lawyers at LegalMatch

If you are reading this page, then you may already be aware of the fact that LegalMatch maintains an exhaustive database of verified lawyers from all over the country, who specialize in different areas of the law and are licensed to practice law in their jurisdiction. LegalMatch also prescreens its attorney candidates to ensure they are in good standing with their respective state bar associations and are consummate professionals.

The lawyers who appear in LegalMatch’s database are known to regularly represent their clients in many different types of cases, such as:

  • Divorce cases;
  • Family law matters;
  • Personal injury lawsuits;
  • Estate planning issues;
  • Criminal law cases;
  • Employment discrimination;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Property and real estate matters; and
  • Lots of other legal issues.

Given the infinite number of legal claims that could give rise to a civil lawsuit or criminal case, you may not see every single legal issue or every kind of lawyer that exists listed in LegalMatch’s database. For instance, the information on a lawyer’s profile in the database may state what law school they graduated from and their level of professional experience, but may not include the fact that Judaism is their religious faith.

LegalMatch has long since recognized the importance of matching users with attorneys who share the same moral values and religious faiths. Therefore, even though it may not be listed on a particular lawyer’s profile, LegalMatch can help put you in touch with a Jewish lawyer from your local community.

In certain situations, LegalMatch has found that clients feel more comfortable working with attorneys who are not only qualified to provide legal advice and defend them in the face of adversity, but can also do so in a way that comports with a client’s shared moral, ethical, and spiritual beliefs.

Thus, if you need a particular type of lawyer to help you file a lawsuit or defend you against a legal dispute, you should ask LegalMatch to connect you with a lawyer of your choosing. By using LegalMatch’s connections to contact and hire a Jewish lawyer, you can resolve your legal matter in a way that simultaneously keeps both your moral values and religious beliefs intact.

Organizations in the USA for the Jewish Lawyer

There are a number of different Jewish legal associations in the United States whose missions are dedicated to preserving the human and civil rights of the Jewish people as well as others living in this country. For example, one of the largest Jewish legal associations in the U.S. is called the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.

Recently, a subgroup that is associated with the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, known as the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (“AAJLJ”), condemned the senseless deaths of Iranians in the Middle East.

Another example of a legal association that provides pro bono services to support Jewish rights is the Bet Tzedek Organization. Specifically, Bet Tzedek’s Holocaust Survivors Justice Network (“HJSN”) works with pro attorneys throughout the U.S. to recover reparations for Holocaust survivors and to provide other related legal services. Although Bet Tzedek offers pro bono services for various reasons now, the HJSN was part of its original mission.

While organizations that are similar to the AAJLJ and Bet Tzedek’s HJSN may be able to offer assistance to individuals facing civil rights issues that concern their religious faiths, they may not be the optimal place to search for a private attorney when it comes to dealing with a personal legal issue.

For instance, if an individual has been injured in a car accident or needs to set up a living trust, then that person may be better off hiring a private Jewish attorney from a local law firm, as opposed to reaching out to a Jewish legal association.

If a prospective client needs help finding a private Jewish attorney, then they should consider registering for free on LegalMatch’s website. From there, the individual may complete and submit a simple intake form to initiate the matching process. The form application will request that the individual write down a few important facts about their case, which is where they should also specify that they only want to work with a Jewish lawyer.

After the form has been filled out and submitted via LegalMatch’s website, LegalMatch will take over the search for a private Jewish lawyer in that person’s area. Of course, LegalMatch will also need to make sure that those lawyers are qualified to handle the case and that they are given the opportunity to accept or reject representation based on their caseload.

Once one or more of the Jewish lawyers in the person’s area responds to their request for a lawyer, they will receive a direct email from those lawyers. The individual can then take a few moments to review each of the Jewish Lawyers’ profiles on LegalMatch, which contains details about their billing rates, legal expertise, and user reviews from former clients.

Prospective clients who need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent them in court or need some other kind of help with a criminal matter, may also reach out to a Jewish nonprofit organization to support them.

For instance, the Aleph Institute was started by a Rabbi whose mission is to develop Jewish identity and make Jewish religious texts available to all persons who wish to gain access to them. Through their teachings, the institute hopes to reform criminal defendants; especially, those defendants who are incarcerated or at risk of being incarcerated.

Although the Aleph Institute does focus on faith-based rehabilitation, particularly Judaism, they do cater to any persons in need of criminal law assistance, including at-risk youth and military personnel.

The Institute is also one of the leading organizations advocating for alternative sentencing options for criminal defendants. In the past, they have even reached out to government officials on behalf of their clients to request that their sentences be commuted or pardoned.

Educational Background of a Typical LegalMatch Jewish Attorney

In addition, many of the lawyers found on LegalMatch’s database were involved in law student organizations and legal clinics that focused on the Jewish faith during their time in law school. Most of these organizations strive to eliminate xenophobia, racist stereotypes, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and many other negative responses to the State of Israel.

As an example, one of the largest Jewish organizations that many law students can join and volunteer for while in law school is known as the Jewish Law Students Association, or simply “JLSA”.

Although each law school may operate their individual chapter differently, JLSA is meant to be an organization that allows law students to promote awareness of legal issues that affect the Jewish community and the role that Judaism may possibly play in a lawyer’s professional life. JLSA groups also typically host social events and networking opportunities that celebrate Jewish culture like Shabbat dinners.

Some law schools may even extend these programs well after graduation and open them to alumni. Regardless of a law student’s faith though, all students are welcome to join and learn more about Jewish interests by participating in these law school organizations and programs.

In LegalMatch’s twenty-plus years’ worth of experience, it has noticed that many of the lawyers who were members of Jewish student organizations in the past have incorporated the aspirations and commitments that they learned as a law student from these organizations into their daily professional practices as Jewish lawyers.

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