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Learn More About Bronx

In 1898, the burgeoning New York City was divided into five boroughs, with the Bronx located in the northern region.  The Bronx derives its unique name from explorer Jonas Bronck, whose land had become known as “Bronck’s Land,” and then simply “the Bronx.”  The definite article precedes “Bronx” when used as a noun. 

Bronx family Lawyers, Bronx County Lawyers, Bronx defense attorneys

The Bronx has over a million inhabitants, and in addition to being a borough of NYC, is a New York County as well.  Neighboring the commerce and art of NYC, while fostering richly diverse cultures, the Bronx influences U.S. music, literature, culture, and entertainment alike.  The famous “Bronx cheer,” an offensive-sounding baseball cheer, is an example of the gritty, unapologetic Bronx culture.p>

As with all boroughs of NYC, there are many legal problems and thus lawyers working to deal with them.  For example, the Bronx Bar Association alone has over 1,100 members. 

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With so many lawyers, how can a client pinpoint the exact the lawyer she needs? matches you, free of charge, with the right Bronx lawyer for your case.  Just submit the facts of your case, and you are matched with pre-screened Bronx attorneys ready to represent you.

Bronx lawyers see every legal problem under the sun, including criminal law, personal injury law, real estate law, divorce law, and bankruptcy law.  In a recent case, a Bronx jury awarded a Bronx man $43 million, because he was shot and paralyzed by the infamous NYC defendant in the Goetz case.  In 1984, 4 African-American youths hiding sharpened screwdrivers boarded a subway train at the Bronx.  When they asked the white, thin Goetz for $5, he pulled out a gun, shot three to the ground, and, after deliberation, shot the remaining youth in the back.  The lawyer for the paralyzed man was satisfied that his client finally received some compensation for the shocking act. 

Competent Bronx lawyers need to be very familiar with the 12th Judicial District of Bronx County. The Bronx Supreme Court (the trial court) is divided into civil and criminal sections.

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