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If you are having trouble finding a lawyer in New York State, where should you look?  If you live in a less populated area, one place to start is with the New York State Bar Association.

The New York Bar’s website offers an attorney referral service for those people who live outside the main cities in New York.  After filling out a short form giving some basic information about yourself and your situation, you will receive a lawyer referral within a day or two.  The service is free to use, and the initial consultation is only $35.

This service does have its drawbacks.  As mentioned above, it does not cover the more populous areas of New York, such as New York City, Albany, and Westchester.  In order to find a lawyer in those places, you will need to check with the local County Bar Associations or use a private attorney referral service.  Also, this referral service does not provide multiple referrals, so if you are interested in having more options you will need to use a private referral service.

If you are looking for a lawyer in New York State, and you live in a less populated area, the New York State Bar Association’s attorney referral service is a good, although limited, first step.  You certainly may want to consider checking with private referral services as well to assist in your search for a lawyer.

For a complete review of all options in New York County, visit the Lawyer Referral Services of New York County website. 

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