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Once a small trading outpost in the late 1700s, the city of Syracuse began to grow when salt was discovered in its swamps and more settlers began moving to the area. Now home to the Orangemen and Orangewomen of Syracuse University, Syracuse is the fifth largest city in Central New York and is run like a college town, with the University being its largest employer. Many famous people have lived in Syracuse, including Tom Cruise, who was born there, and our current Vice President, Joe Biden, who received his law degree from the Syracuse University College of Law.

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If you have legal problems in Syracuse, a Syracuse lawyer may be the person that you need. There are many highly qualified and experienced attorneys in Syracuse that can represent you in bankruptcy actions, intellectual property transactions, real estate disputes, criminal cases, or any other legal issue that you have.
A Syracuse lawyer is currently representing a woman who was injured by her dentist during an emergency dental procedure. The woman, who entered the Syracuse Community Health Center with an exposed nerve on one of her molars, is claiming that the dentist was dancing to the song “Car Wash” during a procedure when the drill bit he was using snapped and entered her sinus cavity and got stuck in the bone near her eye. It appears that the dentist told his injured patient not to worry and that she would “sneeze it out.” The patient is claiming that the dentist did not fulfill his promise to pay for her medical bills that resulted from the incident.
Syracuse lawyers are familiar with the New York State Unified Court System and the Federal District court system. Both the Onondaga County Supreme and County Court and the US District Court for the Northern District of New York sit in Syracuse. Depending on the type of legal matter that you have in Syracuse, you may have to report to either of these courts, and you will need an experienced Syracuse lawyer that is familiar with them.
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