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Plainview is a hamlet in the Town of Oyster Bay and is home to 28,000 Nassau County residents. Plainview was previously famous for their cucumber production for the Heinz Company. Recently, the Plainview baseball association won the 2007 Long Island Championship and were the New York State runner-ups in the Little League World Series.
Plainview is also home to a number of outstanding lawyers who are familiar with advising clients on many different kinds of cases. Lawyers in Plainview can advise clients on immigration visa, DUI/DWI, chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, and wrongful termination cases among many others.
Recently near Plainview, five clients of William M. Parente filed a $1.7 million lawsuit against his estate to recoup their losses that were swindled from them in a $20 million Ponzi scheme. Parente killed his wife and two children before turning the gun on himself in a Maryland hotel room. The past clients’ lawsuit claims Parente took the $1.7 million through fraud. The Nassau County Surrogate’s Court was appointed responsible for Parente’s estate.
If you have a civil lawsuit to file in Plainview than you will be heading to one of New York State’s many courts. The Nassau County District Court can handle real property cases not exceeding $15,000, small claims with a limit of $5,000, traffic, criminal, and tort cases among others. Emancipation, child custody, and support cases must be handled by the Nassau County Family Court whereas marriage dissolution must be handled by the Nassau County Supreme Court. New York Supreme Courts also rule on felony and civil cases without limit. Visa, deportation, and citizenship cases should be filed with the U.S. Immigration Court in New York State. Bankruptcy must be filed with the U.S. District Court for Eastern New York.
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