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Learn More About Onondaga County, NY


Meaning "people of the hills" Onondaga is one New York’s oldest counties. It was among the few original New York counties whose territory originally extended to the Pacific Ocean. Onondaga County is home to Syracuse, New York, and has experienced a swell of growth in the past 20 years.
Onondaga County lawyers can represent you in any legal issue, including criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, wills and trusts, and many more.
A year long lawsuit between Onondaga County and Syracuse over the cleanup of Onondaga Lake was recently settled. The agreement specifies a $15 million program to mitigate the impact of three Water Treatment Plants that were suspected of polluting the lake. 
Attorneys in Onondaga should be familiar with the various courts in New York’s 5th Judicial District. This court is divided primarily into two divisions: civil and criminal. Although any New York attorney is qualified to represent you anywhere in the state, an attorney experienced in Onondaga County may be able to better represent you in Onondaga County. 
If you need help finding an experienced and Onondaga County attorney, look no further than Our service will match you to local Onondaga County lawyers specializing in your legal issue at no cost to you.
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