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Learn More About Henrietta, NY


Henrietta is a great town to live in. Located just outside of Rochester, the city offers its residents year-round, city-sponsored activities like swimming lessons, martial arts, and dance classes just to name a few. Additionally, Henrietta is the home of the Rochester Institute of Technology, a university well known for its information technology, imaging, business and engineering programs.
If you are facing legal charges in Henrietta, there are many talented Henrietta lawyers who are ready to represent you in your legal action. These legal professionals regularly practice in areas of law such as DUI, personal injury, contracts, real estate, criminal defense, divorce, automobile accidents, brain injury, disability, insurance, landlord/tenant, and many more.
A Henrietta lawyer recently represented an injured construction worker in his lawsuit that began when he fell while roofing a new store. The man fell about twenty five feet and ended up with two broken wrists and a broken leg. With the help of the Henrietta lawyer, the man sued the company whose store he was roofing, the property owner, and the general contractor he was working for. Following a few trips to court, the Henrietta lawyer was able to secure a settlement for more than $1 million for his client.
If you have to report to court because of something that happened in Henrietta, you will likely have to report to the Monroe County Supreme Court which is located in nearby Rochester. The local Henrietta attorneys regularly represent their clients in this court and can do the same for you.
If are having problems finding a Henrietta lawyer to work with you, is here to help. We offer you a confidential online service that matches your legal issue to attorneys in your area who are taking new cases and have experience with your legal issue. As a bonus when you use our free service, we also offer you great information like attorney profiles and past client reviews.
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