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Learn More About Dayton, OH

Few cities in the United States can claim the international prestige of Dayton. In 1995, the Dayton Agreement was ratified in the city, putting a formal end to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Dayton also can claim national significance as the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, the siblings who are famously credited with being the first in flight.

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Dayton attorneys practice in criminal law, personal injury law, bankruptcy filings, and a variety of others. Dayton attorneys can assist you with any legal dilemma you might be facing. Some Dayton attorneys are currently helping clients in a lawsuit alleging chemical contamination of groundwater in Dayton’s McCook Field, a case with potentially far reaching significance.

Dayton attorneys practice in the Dayton Municipal Court and the Montgomery County court system. Dayton lawyers are familiar with local rules and procedures, as well as the local legal community. This familiarity is important, as not knowing the local lay of the land could sometimes make all the difference in whether your case is successfully resolved.

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