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Learn More About Greene County, OH

Named after Revolutionary War Hero Nathaniel Greene, Greene County is an averaged sized county in southwest Ohio. It is home to the Wright-Patterson Airforce base, and its county seat is Xenia.
Greene County lawyers can assist you in criminal defense, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, family law, or any other legal issue you need help with.
Attorneys in Greene County recently sued a local public interest organization focused in the area of voter registration. Greene County lawyers allege this organization was guilty of RICO violations, or criminal racketeering in a conspiracy to steal votes. The suit is currently ongoing.
If you have a case in Greene County, you will want to hire a lawyer with experience in local Greene County Courts. Most cases in Greene County begin in the Greene County Court of Common Pleas, which is the main trial court in the area. This local know how can be the difference between winning and losing your case.
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