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Learn More About Cuyahoga County, OH

Located on the shores of Lake Eerie, Cuyahoga County was founded in the early 1800’s, and subsequently carved up into several different Ohio counties. Cuyahoga County is home to one of the nation’s largest cultural centers, Cleveland, OH, as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Cuyahoga County lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing. These include criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, family law, and many others.
Cuyahoga attorneys are going after banking giants JP Morgan and Chase Bank, accusing the companies of fraud. Chase and JP Morgan allegedly altered their agreements with their credit card holders without notice by raising their interest rate, increasing minimum monthly payments, and instituting a $10.00 monthly transaction fee on all credit cards. The case was recently filed as a class action lawsuit in Cuyahoga County’s Court of Common Pleas.
This court and others make up the Cuyahoga County Court system. Your Cuyahoga County lawyer should be familiar with the rules and procedures of whatever court your case is in. Even if your case never makes it to court, familiarity with Cuyahoga County laws, procedures, and other Cuyahoga County lawyers may help you reach a favorable settlement.
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