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Learn More About Trumbull County, OH

Trumbull County, Ohio, established in 1800, was the seventh county in the Northwest Territory. In the downtown Warren, Trumbull County’s seat, visitors and residents will find many small stores and shops for antiquing. Kent State University has a campus in Trumbull County which offers associate and bachelor degrees.

In the News: Recently, an Ohio Woman sued her deceased husband’s former employer in the Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas. Her lawsuit alleges that the company willfully and negligently maintained the truck her husband was driving during his fatal accident. The lawsuit claims that the system that notifies the driver if a hydraulic lift was in the “up” position had been removed or improperly maintained. The man was driving the truck, eventually going under an overpass. The lift struck the overpass, causing the truck to flip over and kill the driver. The woman’s lawsuit seeks $25,000 to cover the costs of the man’s funeral, in addition to damages compensating the woman for her anguish and her husband’s lost earnings.

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