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Learn More About Lima, OH

Lima is the county seat of Allen County in northwestern Ohio. Lima suffered setbacks during the Rust Belt decline but reinvigorated its economy during the 1970s with staggering growth of retail and manufacturing industries. Lima also has a rich history of railroads and locomotives.

Lima has a number of citizens who are certified lawyers that are knowledgeable of court filing procedures. Lawyers in Lima advise on many kinds of cases like bankruptcy, wrongful termination, DUI, immigration visa, and domestic relations cases such as divorce and child support.

Recently in Lima, the Allen County Sheriffs Department focused their efforts on drug possession and trafficking. When all was said and done the sheriffs has arrested 22 suspects after raids were carried out by the West-Central Ohio Crime Task Force.

If you have a divorce to file then you will be heading to the Allen County Court of Common Pleas. Common Pleas Courts are responsible for hearing tort, contract, real property, administrative agency appeals, criminal, civil, and traffic cases. Ohio Courts of Common Pleas also have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations, mental health, probate, and juvenile cases.

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