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Learn More About Franklin County, OH

Franklin County’s county seat is Columbus, OH, the capital of Ohio. Franklin County is also home to the largest university in the country, The Ohio State University. Named after Benjamin Franklin, the county of Franklin was largely a planned community from the beginning. The city of Columbus did not even exist at the time of it’s designation as the capital.
Franklin County lawyers can help you with any issue you may be facing, including criminal litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, divorce, foreclosure, and many more.  
Attorneys in Franklin County are currently considering filing a lawsuit against a local Franklin County school for Title IX violations. Title IX is a federal statute that outlaws gender discrimination in institutions receiving federal money. The potential lawsuit would target a local Franklin County school that schedules more boys basketball games on Fridays than girls basketball games. The coach of the girl’s basketball team alleges that this unfairly reduces the exposure of the successful girls team, and makes their academic schedule more difficult.
Cases in Franklin County generally begin in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. Attorneys may also be familiar with the smaller Franklin County Municipal Court. Whichever court your case is in, you will want an attorney familiar with Franklin County rules, court staff, judges, and other Franklin County lawyers.
If you need an attorney in Franklin County, visit for information on how you can be matched to the perfect attorney for your case, at absolutely no charge to you. At our website you will also find tips on hiring the right attorney, and general articles on popular legal subjects.
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