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Learn More About Lakewood, OH

Lakewood is part of Cuyahoga County and the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area and borders the city of Cleveland. It has a population of 54,765 over only 5.6 square miles of land which makes it the most densely populated city between New York and Chicago. The ethnic population is widely diverse with 28% Germans, 23% Irish, 12% English, 10% Poles, 10% Italians, 4% Slaves and 4% Arabs. Lakewood is known as the counterculture city for Northeast Ohio residents.

Lawyers in Lakewood practice is a wide variety of fields. Some of these fields are bankruptcy, business, criminal, employment, family, real estate, wills & trust and many others. An attorney who practices in your case’s relevant legal field is crucial for your case.

Lakewood schools were the subject of controversy in March 2007 when parents sued the schools over kids’ bullying. Mike and Kelly Wencho claimed that the school had a duty to protect their child from bullying. The child suffered a nervous breakdown due to the harassment and the parents filed a lawsuit seeking $50,000 in total compensatory and punitive damages. The harassment was reported but no disciplinary action was taken. As a result the child allegedly suffered physical and psychological injuries. The case was dropped in 2009 after the parents reached an undisclosed settlement with the school.

Cases of this sort raise questions of tort liability, sovereign immunity and public policy. Such situations can only be fully resolved with the help of the judiciary. Cases, such as the one above, will be filed in the Cuyahoga County Court. If the family would have asked for a larger sum of money, or if there would have been a jurisdiction issue, the case would have been taken to the United States District Court in Cleveland, OH. The differences between these courts can be grand and it is important that your attorney is familiar with this.

LegalMatch understands what it takes to build a strong case in Lakewood. LegalMatch will find you an attorney who is experienced with your legal and geographical area. Bring you case to LegalMatch and they will find you an attorney who is fast, free and effective.

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