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Learn More About Mason, OH

Mason is a Warren County city that’s home to 22,000 citizens but has been the fastest growing city in the country since its separation from Deerfield Township in 1997. Mason notables include ESPN Sportscaster Dan Patrick, actor George Clooney, and famous light instillation artist Carson Williams.

Mason plays host to many different talented people including lawyers who are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Mason are familiar with consulting their clients on many different kinds of cases including bankruptcy, divorce, immigration, malpractice, and criminal cases like DUI and felony proceedings.

Recently in Mason, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the family of Douglas Boucher after a confrontation with officers. Boucher allegedly propositioned a clerk at a local gas station who alerted nearby police who attempted to arrest Boucher who wriggled one arm free of the handcuffs. Boucher then allegedly ran around after the clerk. Officer tried twice to successfully deploy a taser when they finally hit Boucher and killed him. The Butler County Coroner has yet to perform an autopsy.

If you have a divorce motion to file in Mason then you will probably be filing with the Warren County Court of Common Pleas. Ohio State Common Pleas Courts are solely responsible for hearing mental health, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate cases that arise in Ohio. Common pleas courts also take tort, contract, real property, civil, criminal, and appeals cases. U.S. Immigration Courts in Ohio are responsible for hearing any immigration issues that you may have including visa and citizenship issues.

LegalMatch is a free service that will pair you with the best Mason lawyer for your case. You can check availability, read past customer reviews, and compare prices but before selecting a lawyer read out tips. All of LegalMatch’s lawyers are bar members and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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