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Learn More About Fairfield, OH

Fairfield officially separated from Fairfield Township on December 28, 1994 to become an independent city that extends into Butler and Hamilton Counties. Fairfield is known for attractions like Jungle Jim’s International Market, the Fairfield Community Arts Center, and the Cincinnati Mall that treads the border between Fairfield and Forest Park.
Some Fairfield residents are also reputable lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Fairfield take a diverse selection of cases, some common examples include chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, wrongful termination, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI charges.
Recently in Fairfield, the deaths of Evelyn Restituyo and her estranged husband Francisco Restituyo as a murder suicide. The two were found in a Fairfield day care parking lot. Evelyn was bound with zip-ties and shot in her thigh and once in the head. The Butler County Coroner ruled Francisco’s death a suicide.
If you have pending criminal charges in Fairfield, you will probably be summoned by the criminal division of the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court. Common Pleas Courts in Ohio have exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, and juvenile cases. The Fairfield Municipal Court can issue rulings on traffic, preliminary criminal hearings, civil, tort, contract, and small claims cases that do not exceed $3,000.
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