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In the later 20th century, Stark County’s voting record has closely tracked the results of the presidential election, with the voters in the county swinging narrowly from one side to the other. Indeed, even within a swing state like Ohio, the county is considered an indicator of how the state and the country will decide the election. Additionally, Stark County is quite family friendly with many parks and recreation areas devoted to the public.
If you are facing legal charges in Stark County, you should probably speak to one of the many experienced Stark County lawyers in the area. These professionals regularly represent their clients in many legal areas including tax planning, estates and wills, DUI, contracts, employment discrimination, civil rights, motorcycle accidents, defective products, and more.
A family of a deceased Stark County man recently won their lawsuit in federal court against the city of Canton with the jury awarding the family $2 million. The lawsuit arose when the Stark County man was reported running naked in and out of traffic in Canton and the police responded and tried to subdue the man. Eventually, the police resorted to tasering the man several times, and kicking and punching him. The man died a short time later while still in police custody. The lawsuit claimed that the police were the cause of the man’s death, while the city and the police claimed that the man died from heart arrhythmia.   Although the jury did not eventually decide how the man died, they still found the police at fault because they found that the training of the officers provided by the department was lacking.
When you file your lawsuit in Stark County, you will probably need to file your case in the Stark County Court of Common Pleas. The process of getting your action before a jury can be long and complicated, which is why it can really pay off to hire a local attorney who knows how this court works. is a free online legal matching service that can help you find the right Stark County lawyer for your situation. At LegalMatch, we know how important it is to have a good working relationship with your attorney, which is why we let you read attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever hire your legal professional.
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