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Learn More About Lorain, OH

Lorain, Ohio was originally settled in 1807 under the name Charleston. Today, Lorain has a population of just over 68,000 residents. Lorain is referred to as the ‘Steel City’ because of the steel mills located within its boundaries. These steel mills have employed residents of Lorain since 1895. Lorain’s location on the Erie River makes it well known for the outdoor activities offered to its visitors and residents. 

Lorain lawyers are available to represent your case whether it is a real estate transaction, employment dispute, personal injury, bankruptcy, family matter, or will probate. 

A recent proposal by State Rep. Joe Koziura, D-Lorain, will have the effect of dismantling Lorain County’s Family Court into three separate courts. Lorain County Family Court currently handles all probate, domestic relations, and juvenile matters. Following the passage of Koziura’s proposal, there will be a separate probate, domestic relations, and juvenile court.  An estimated $750,000 in staffing is expected to be saved by this move. The dissolving of the Family Court, if passed, is to take place in September of 2010. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is expected to sign the proposed bill. 

Lorain is located in Lorain County Ohio. Lawyers in Lorain will try cases in either the Lorain Municipal Court or the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas. Lorain Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all violations of city ordinances. In addition, it hears all property disputes where the amount to be collected does not exceed $15,000. Lorain County Court of Common Pleas hears all civil cases that Lorain Municipal Court does not have jurisdiction over. In addition, all felony criminal cases are heard in the Lorain County Court of Common Please Criminal Division. In addition, there is a Lorain County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Division which handles all divorce matters. 

LegalMatch is the ideal tool to help you find the right Lorain lawyer to represent your case. LegalMatch has an extensive directory of lawyers in Lorain who have all been pre-screened to ensure you are represented in court. LegalMatch allows you to review the lawyers experience, rates, and availability without obligation. 

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