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Learn More About Springfield, OH

Springfield, Ohio is a city located in southwestern Ohio along the Mad River. Springfield has been named a 2004 recipient of the All-American City Award. In addition, Springfield was showcased in a 2003 Newsweek article titled "The American Dream." Historically, Springfield is the site where famous western performer Annie Oakley gave her first professional performance at the Crystal Palace. In addition, the Springfield area is also where A.B. Graham started the 4H Movement in 1902. 

Springfield is the city that is simultaneously known as the “Champion City,” “Home City and the “City of Roses.” The Champion City nickname originated because Springfield is the site where the Champion reaper was produced in the 1800’s. Springfield is also called the “Home City” because several lodges including the Masonic Lodge, Knights of Pythias and Odd Fellows built homes for orphans and aged members of their order. Finally, Springfield is called the “City of Roses” to recognize that by 1919 Springfield produced more roses than any city in the world.

Springfield lawyers represent clients covering a variety of legal matters. Lawyers in Springfield specialize in employment law, business law, criminal and civil law. In addition, lawyers in Springfield can assist clients with bankruptcy filings and divorce cases.

Because Springfield is located in Clark County, lawyers in Springfield will try their case in one of two courts: the Clark County Municipal Court or the Clark County Court of Common Pleas. Clark County Municipal Court hears cases that involve violations of city ordinances. Also, the Clark County Municipal Court also hears claims involving property disputes where damages do not exceed $15,000. Civil cases and felony criminal matters are heard in one of the many divisions of the Clark County Court of Common Pleas. There are divisions in the Common Pleas Court for Domestic Relations, Probate, and Juvenile matters.   

LegalMatch has an extensive directory of Springfield lawyers who can represent your case in court. All Springfield lawyers in the LegalMatch directory are pre-screened to ensure that the lawyer representing your case is in good standing with the State Bar of Ohio. In addition, LegalMatch allows you to review a lawyer’s qualifications, rates, and availability at no cost and with no obligation.

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