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Learn More About Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati was founded in 1788 under the original name of “Losantiville.” To honor George Washington, the name was changed in 1790 to the now familiar Cincinnati, after the Roman general Cincinnatus. Much like America’s first president, the revered Roman general was credited with saving Rome and then retiring from power to his farm.

A boomtown in the mid-1800’s, Cincinnati was once considered the “Queen of the West.” Now the corporate headquarters of numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Macy’s, Proctor and Gamble, and General Electric, Cincinnati is experiencing a modern resurgence.

If you have a legal issue in Cincinnati, there are over 4,000 Cincinnati lawyers in the greater Cincinnati area to choose from. With such a wealth of choices, it may seem overwhelming to find the right attorney for you. can help find the right attorney for your case, for free. Tell about your issue, and we will find a pre-screened and outstanding Cincinnati lawyer to help you.

Cincinnati lawyers can help you with issues in criminal law, family law, probate law, tax law, personal injury law, bankruptcy law and foreclosure, and more.  Recently, a Cincinnati attorney successfully negotiated a $6 million settlement against Cincinnati Bell Wireless for charging its customers improper roaming charges. Whether your case is large or small, LegalMatch will help you find an attorney that knows your issue and can help you resolve it.

Cincinnati attorneys know how to navigate the Hamilton County Court system. Organized under the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, Cincinnati lawyers must be familiar with the court’s different divisions: Municipal, Common Pleas, Domestic, and Appellate.

You might not be ready to confer with a Cincinnati attorney at this time. If that is the case, you can explore the information in LegalMatch’s extensive Law Library, housing over 3000 articles.

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