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Learn More About Boardman

Edward DeBartolo Sr. was a Boardman, Ohio native and changed the modern cityscape forever as the father of the American shopping mall. Boardman is the site of the first shopping mall and home to 37,000 Mahoning County residents. Boardman is not a city but rather a census designated place within Boardman Township in Ohio.

A number of Boardman residents are Ohio bar certified lawyers who are familiar with practicing in Boardman and Mahoning courts. Lawyers in Boardman advise on a varied mix of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, real estate, wrongful termination, malpractice, and criminal cases like DUI and arson.

Recently near Boardman, the widow of a Euclid Police officer filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company after the veteran officer died when his squad car veered off the road. The lawsuit claims that Ford failed to equip the 2007 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with Electronic Stability Control systems and for placing the gas tank in the rear crush zone of the car which erupted into flames when the officer crashed. The prosecuting attorney previously won a $43 million case against Ford after a Lincoln Town Car was rear-ended and burst into flames.

If you have a wrongful death lawsuit to file in Boardman, you will be visiting the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court and file with the Civil Division. While criminal charges will earn you a summons from the Criminal Division, other cases must be filed and in a correct fashion or you will be forced to re-file and pay fees again. The nearest court that can handle your immigration issues is the U.S. Immigration Court in Cleveland, Ohio. However, with any case it’s usually best to consult a seasoned Boardman lawyer who is familiar with the issues and courts pertaining to your case.

LegalMatch is a free pairing service that helps you find reputable lawyers in Boardman and throughout the United States. After submitting a brief synopsis of your case, it will be reviewed by local lawyers who are interested in your specific case type. LegalMatch is a great avenue to find the best lawyer specializing for your case, satisfaction guaranteed. Also, check out the tips section for helpful advice on selecting the best Boardman lawyers for your needs.

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