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Learn More About Riverside, OH

Riverside is a Montgomery County city that is home to 24,000 Dayton Metropolitan Area locals. Riverside is located in the southeastern region of Ohio and is popular among folks who work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and nearby Dayton. The Mall at Fairfield Commons is just minutes away from Riverside and is known as one of the premier shopping destination in Ohio.
Residents of Riverside are employed in many different professions including the legal field. Lawyers in Riverside are familiar with advising clients on a diverse range of cases including, but not limited to: bankruptcy, child support, personal injury, DUI, and immigration cases like visa and deportation cases.
Recently in Riverside, Carington Health Systems was accused by Attorney General Richard Cordray of overcharging the residents of its 21 nursing homes. The lawsuit was filed in Franklin County Circuit Court and seeks repayment for each of the residents who were overcharged. Carington Health corporate counsel noted that they had never been accused of such a crime and that he will seek damages from the state for injuring its business reputation.
Personal injury cases in Riverside are heard by the Montgomery County Circuit Court which also retains jurisdiction over mental health, probate, family, and criminal cases including felony and juvenile cases. The U.S. Immigration Court is responsible for hearing cases having to do with citizenship, deportation, and visas among others. Bankruptcies are heard by the U.S. District Court.
With so many courts and divisions, it’s best if you first consult a reputable Riverside lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch provides a client-lawyer pairing service that is free of charge. Don’t thumb through the phonebook; let the right Riverside lawyer come to you through a company that guarantees your satisfaction. Check out the Law Library to learn more about your case.
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