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Learn More About Mahoning County, OH

Mahoning County is the home of Youngstown State University. This relatively small school contains the Dana School of Music which is one of the oldest and most prestigious non-conservatory schools of music in the United States. Indeed, this music school in Mahoning County now competes with the likes Julliard and Yale for the best music students in the country.
If you need legal advice while you are in Mahoning County, there are many experienced MahoningCounty lawyers ready to assist you. These legal professionals are skilled in areas of law such as divorce, DUI, criminal defense, bankruptcy, real estate, contracts, employment, personal injury, and more.
A Mahoning County couple recently filed a lawsuit that stemmed from the August 2007 shooting into their home by an off-duty Mahoning County deputy sheriff. The lawsuit claims that relations between the neighbors had become tense in the months preceding the shooting with remarks and actions taken on both sides. As to the shooting, the off-duty officer claimed that he was trying to hit a sick raccoon that was on his neighbor’s property, but missed. The bullet went through the wall of the Mahoning County couple’s home and missed one of them by inches. Although the officer was not charged with any crime, the couple is seeking damages from him in a civil action.
Most legal disputes end up before the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas. This trial court hears many types of cases, and a local attorney can best represent you in this court.
When you are ready to file your lawsuit, but have been having a hard time finding the right legal representation in Mahoning County, is here to help. We offer you a free online service that can quickly match you with attorneys in your area that have the skills and knowledge to litigate your case. When you are at our site, you can also check out our LegalCenter where you will find many articles about popular legal topics as well as helpful hints that you can use to select the best lawyer for you.
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