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Learn More About Youngstown, OH

Youngstown is the county seat of Mahoning County and was named after John Young, an early settler who established the city’s first sawmill and gristmill. Youngstown was once a very large center of steel production, but with the decline of the industry in the 1970s, Youngstown also went downhill. Yet the residents of the city persevered and Youngstown is once again a thriving economy and center for innovation.

Youngstown lawyers are experienced in many areas of law and can assist you with actions involving personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, DUI, criminal defense, real property, contracts, employment, and more.

A Youngstown woman recently lost her lawsuit against a local minor league baseball team. The woman had been enjoying the game when a foul ball hit her on the head causing her injuries. The Youngstown woman sued the baseball team claiming that they were negligent in allowing the baseball to hit her. After having her case dismissed by the trial court, and the dismissal being upheld by the appellate court, the woman decided to appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court. The court refused to hear the case and agreed with the logic of the courts below that a person who attended a baseball game assumed the inherent risks associated with that activity.

If your case arose in Youngstown, you will likely have to litigate in the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas. Like the other state courts, this court has its own rules that your case must abide by. A local attorney can make sure your case does not hit any snags along the way.

LegalMatch is a great online tool that you can use to find the right Youngstown lawyer for your case. We use a unique system where, after you present your case through one of our intake forms, lawyers who are interested in representing you will contact you. After this, you can read their attorney profiles and past client reviews to ensure that you make the best decision for your situation. Best of all, all of this is provided free of charge to you!

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