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Learn More About Centerville, OH

The city of Centerville was named by Benjamin Robbins, who chose the name because of the town’s location between two rivers and its central location to other cities. Centerville houses the largest collection of early stones houses in Ohio, most of them built in the early 1800s. Today, the Dayton suburb is attracting families to move into its city limits by boasting a good education for children and a community atmosphere.

If you are involved in a legal dispute in either Montgomery or Greene County, a Centerville lawyer is the person that you need to talk to. The attorneys in Centerville and well experienced in both trials, mediations and arbitration and can assist you in any legal matter including personal injury, divorce settlements, DUI, automobile accidents, real estate, estate planning, and any other matter that you may need help with.

In the middle of 2008, six people from the greater Dayton area, including two from Centerville, were indicted for allegedly starting and perpetuating a $15 million mortgage fraud scheme. The scheme, which involved over 200 residential properties and over 60 investors, ran by hoodwinking private investors into purchasing property that was artificially inflated in price, and financing the purchases with $15 million obtained fraudulently from over 30 lending institutions. Each of the six defendants charged, including the Centerville defendants, face up to 60 years in prison for their scheme.

Located in the Second Judicial District of Ohio, Centerville attorneys are close to the Dayton and Kettering Municipal Courts as well as the Ohio Second District Court of Appeals. Each of these courts has its own staff that runs the courts in unique ways. If you have legal problems in Centerville, you want a lawyer who knows how each court is run and knows all the right people to talk to that will help speed along your case to its conclusion.

Finding a local Centerville lawyer that knows the courts in the area can be a difficult and time consuming process. Why find an attorney through trial and error when has a proven system that will match you up with an attorney that is excited about taking your case. You know that when you use our service, only attorneys that are qualified and in good standing will contact you, so don’t hesitate, check out today!

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