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Learn More About Findlay, OH

Findlay is the seat of Hancock County which rests 50 miles south of Toledo in the state of Ohio. Findlay and Fostoria are the two cities that make up Hancock County; Findlay is the only Northwest Ohio city that is still expanding. Findlay is called “Flag City, USA” and was named in the top 100 best communities for young folks.

Findlay also plays host to a number of very talented lawyers who can deftly navigate local courts and legal processes. Lawyers in Findlay admit a broad variety of cases, some regular examples include bankruptcy, child custody, medical malpractice, DUI, and other criminal cases like fraud and felony charges.

Recently in a Findlay market, JoAnn Beauchamp ordered three dollars worth of chicken livers from Krause’s Meat and Cheese. Upon receiving the product, Beauchamp allegedly threw a dollar at the clerk and began to beat the windows and trash the market when she was told to pay the remaining amount. Findlay officers caught up with Beauchamp and she was subsequently charged with theft and disorderly conduct.

If you have criminal charges in Findlay or just want to file a civil lawsuit, you will probably be visiting the Hancock County Common Pleas Court. Ohio Common Pleas Courts are responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases but exclusively handle mental health, probate, juvenile, and family law cases like divorce and child custody. For immigration cases like green card and visa issues, the U.S. Immigration Court in Cleveland will be your location of filing.

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