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Learn More About Medina, OH

Medina is CNN/Money Magazine’s 40th best place to live in America. Medina is the seat of Medina County and home to 26,380 residents who enjoy historic downtown Medina. The historic downtown area is filled with boutique shops and popular restaurants.

Medina has a number of citizens who are practicing lawyers too. Lawyers in Medina are familiar with advising clients on child custody, bankruptcy, personal injury, DUI, and immigration cases.

Recently in Medina, 29-year-old Raymond Gunderman was arrested when police served a search warrant at his home. Gunderman was arrested on charges related with marijuana possession and manufacturing explosives. Police found $50,000 worth of marijuana plants and the bomb squad removed 20 pounds of flash powder that was allegedly being used to make fireworks.

If you have a case to file in Medina then you will be heading to the Medina County Court of Common Pleas. Ohio Common Pleas Courts are solely responsible for taking juvenile, felony, domestic relations, mental health, and probate cases but also take many others like civil cases and administrative agency appeals. Immigration cases like citizenship and visas must be filed with the U.S. Immigration Court in Ohio.

LegalMatch is a free service that supplies a selection of the best Medina lawyers available. If you’re ready for a lawyer, check out our tips on selecting a lawyer. All LegalMatch Medina lawyers are Ohio bar members and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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