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Learn More About Bowling Green, OH

The city of Bowling Green is one of the few cities in the United States that has made a financial commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by establishing a utility sized wind farm. This wind mill farm produces enough electricity to power the homes of about 3,000 residents. Even though these turbines are located miles outside of Bowling Green, the blades and towers can be seen from the city on clear days.
Bowling Green is also home to many talented Bowling Green lawyers who are ready to assist you with your lawsuit. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, bankruptcy, environmental, real estate, divorce, child custody, estate planning, and many more.
In a recent case, a Bowling Green lawyer is representing a woman in her suit against the city of Bowling Green. In 2006, the woman led a protest in a park in the city where she and other women went topless. Responding to several calls and complaints, the police showed up and asked the women to put their shirts back on, then issued each of them a $25 ticket for disorderly conduct. The woman filed a suit against the city, claiming that Bowling Green’s city ordinances violated her First Amendment rights to free speech. Both the trial court and the appellate court have found against the woman, and her case is currently on appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court.
Bowling Green is served by both the Bowling Green Municipal Court, which hears cases involving traffic citations and other small cases, and the Wood County Court of Common Pleas, which is located in Bowling Green and hears both criminal and civil cases. With both of these courts in the city, local Bowling Green lawyers are ideally situated to represent you in any legal action you may be involved in. can help you find a local Bowling Green attorney who has experience with the area of law that your case deals with. When you use our online matching service, you also get access to information that is helpful in choosing your legal advocate, such as attorney profiles and client reviews.   In addition, LegalMatch also provides you with general information about the laws associated with your case and other popular legal topics.
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