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Learn More About Lorain County, OH

Bordering Lake Erie, Lorain County, Ohio is considered part of the greater Cleveland area. Both the Lorain Community College and Oberlin College are located in Lorain County. Oberlin College is the only liberal arts college in the county that that has a top twenty rank in terms of academics and also has a top ranked conservatory. In 1834, Oberlin College gained notoriety for being one of the earliest universities to admit African American students.

In the News: The Ohio Supreme Court recently ruled against a Lorain County woman in her lawsuit against the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority. The woman claimed that the housing authority’s negligence was a direct and proximate cause of the deaths of two of her children. She accused the government agency of removing smoke detectors a few days before a fire started in her apartment. The Lorain County trial court threw out her case, ruling that government agencies cannot be held civilly liable for the damages.?@On appeal, the 9th Ohio District Court of Appeals reversed, ruling that the agency could be deemed negligent. The agency then appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court, which ultimately agreed with the trial court and ruled that the governmental immunity protected the housing authority from civil suits.

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