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Among the many famous residents of Medina County, none have shown as brightly as NBA superstar LeBron James, who purchased a home there in 2005. With its ideal location near Cleveland, Medina County is a great place to live and has many community events throughout the year, such as the model train show in December.
If you are in need of legal services while you are in Medina County, there are many talented Medina County lawyers who are ready to assist you. These attorneys practice in many areas of law including criminal defense, assault, battery, insurance, divorce, personal injury, automobile accidents, and more.
A Medina County woman recently had her lawsuit against her former employer dismissed. In her lawsuit, the woman claimed that her former employer defamed her when he introduced her as a lesbian to her co-workers as well as at a trade show in Los Angeles. The Medina County woman’s employer at one point allegedly said, “If you want to know what a lesbian looks like, look at her,” referring to the plaintiff. In her lawsuit, the woman sought damages in the amount of $50,000. Even though her lawsuit was dismissed for procedural reasons, the woman says that she is happy with the result. As she says, she was never in it for the money, but rather to make a point that employers cannot treat their employees with such disrespect.
The local attorneys in Medina County often practice in the Medina County Court of Common Pleas.  If your case is headed for this court, the lawyers in your area can assist you because of their knowledge of the procedural rules that will apply in this court.
When you are ready to find the right Medina County lawyer for your case, let help you. We provide you with a free and unique online legal matching system that can pair you up with an attorney in your area that has previous experience in working on cases like yours. Also, when you use our system, you get access to great information like attorney profiles and past client reviews, all free of charge.
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