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Learn More About Elyria, OH

Elyria, OH is located in the heart of Lorain County, and is known for its various parks built around the winding Black River that flows through the center of the town. Elyria was a small town of just 8,000 people but with the construction of Midway Mall in 1967, Elyria’s economy was transformed. Today, the town’s hospital, Elyria Memorial Hospital, has been named one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation.

Recently in Elyria, MJM Management Company was accused of discriminating against its Hispanic employee’s. The suit has been filed by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission on behalf of Mr. Gonzalez, a maintenance worker for MJM. Gonzalez claims that a white employee was hired roughly a year after him, and was given on the job training as well as a promotion within two weeks of being hired. Mr. Gonzalez claims that he is not the only Hispanic who has been discriminated against but that many other Hispanics were also overlooked when promotions and raises were considered by the company. MJM Management Company is responsible for maintaining several apartment complexes in Elyria, OH and claims that all the accusations are false. If MJM Management Company is found guilty it may have to promote Mr. Gonzalez to supervisor, develop equal opportunity policies, and give back pay to all those found to have been effected by the company’s discriminatory policies.

If you are an Elyria resident and are dealing with legal issues such as felony charges, legal separation, or child custody matter, then you will most likely be visiting the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas. There are 88 Courts of Common Pleas in counties all across Ohio. Within each Court of Common Pleas, there may further separation into divisions dealing with a specific legal issue, such as the Lorain County Domestic Relations Court, Probate Division.

There is no shortage of attorneys in Elyria. Elyria lawyers practice in numerous areas of law including family law, criminal law, and real estate law. With so many choices at your fingertips how will you know which lawyer is best suited for your needs? Look no further than where all lawyers are pre-screened to make sure they are in good standing with the Ohio bar, and this service is completely at no cost to you.

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