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Learn More About Garfield Heights, OH

The city of Garfield Heights is located just to the south of the larger city of Cleveland. The residents of Garfield Heights maintain all of the usefulness that the larger city provides while still enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere to live in. The largest employer in Garfield Heights is the Marymount Hospital.

If you need to speak with an attorney while you are in Garfield Heights, there are many Garfield Heights lawyers ready to assist you. These legal professionals are skilled in areas of law such as divorce, DUI, criminal defense, personal injury, contracts, constitutional law, real property, child custody, alimony, employment, and many more.

Garfield Heights recently had a new multi-million dollar shopping center built on an adjoining landfill. Because of the location of the new complex, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency became interested and sued to make sure that the construction would have adequate safety precautions for any seepage from the landfill underneath the complex. The Garfield Heights mall recently met all of these requirements and the lawsuit was settled.

If you have a lawsuit that needs to be filed that arose in Garfield Heights, you will most like have to do so at the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. This is the general trial level court of the state court system and is where most cases are heard and decided. If instead your case deals with bankruptcy, you will have to report to the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Ohio. The local attorneys regularly practice and these courts and can really help your chances.

When you have been looking for a local Garfield Heights lawyer to represent you, but have been striking out, put down the phone book and instead visit At LegalMatch, you can use our free online legal matching tool that you can use to quickly and easily get in touch with attorneys in your area that want to represent you. You can also visit our LegalCenter where you will find articles about popular legal topics and a variety of other great information.

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