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Learn More About Marion, OH

The City of Marion is the seat of Marion County in the state of Ohio. The City of Marion plays host to 35,850 residents and claims that it’s the capital of popcorn. Each year Marion residents can count on the Marion County Fair, Saturday in the Park festivals held in Lincoln Park, and the great Marion Popcorn Festival that follows Labor Day.

Marion also hosts some talented lawyers who are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Marion know Ohio courts and take a lot of different cases, some typical examples include: bankruptcy, green card immigration, divorce, personal injury, probate, and criminal cases like DUI and felony cases.

Recently in Marion, suspected thief Joseph Wolfingbarger was arrested on felony charges including trespassing and burglary. Neighbors called Marion Police after witnessing a man jump their fence and break a garage window. Police did not catch Wolfingbarger in the act but instead followed the boot prints in the snow. The boot prints ended at an apartment across the street where officers knocked and found Wolfingbarger and the stolen tools that exceeded $2,500. Officer reported that it was easy to identify him because Wolfingbarger was still wearing the same boots.

If you have criminal charges or a lawsuit to file in Marion then you will be heading to the Marion County Common Pleas Court. Common Pleas Courts in Ohio have jurisdiction over tort, contract, real property with no maximum value, administrative agency appeal, civil, criminal, and traffic cases. Common Pleas Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, felony, and juvenile cases. The Marion Municipal Court can take some cases like tort, real property not exceeding $15,000, some preliminary criminal cases, and traffic cases.

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