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Learn More About Butler County, OH

Butler County, Ohio is named after General Richard Butler, an American Revolutionary War General, who died in 1791 fighting the Northern Ohioan Native Americans. The first white settlers arrived in what is now Butler County in 1793, after the signing of the Treaty of Greenville. Butler County was officially formed on March 24, 1803 from portions of Hamilton County and today is home to roughly 350,000 residents.

In the News: Butler County Commissioners and Child Services have been named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of a 3 year-old developmentally challenged boy. The boy had been placed under the foster care of Liz and David Carroll Junior. The Carrolls allegedly wrapped the boy in a blanket and packing tape before abandoning him in a hall closet for two days while they attended family reunion in Kentucky. The boy had originally been removed from his mother’s care after she was accused of neglecting the child.

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