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Learn More About Summit County, OH

Summit County Ohio is a great place to live and visit. It is home to the University of Akron, which has fantastic undergraduate and graduate programs, including a law school whose students have led the state in the Ohio Bar passage rate. In addition, Summit County also has many great parks with streams and large deciduous trees, miles of bike trails that cross through its towns and cities, and beautiful lakes that are open to many recreational activities.
If you need legal help in Summit County, there are many talented Summit County lawyers available to assist you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law including personal injury, bankruptcy, tax, real estate, business, commercial real estate, contracts, product liability, and many more.
In a recently decided lawsuit, a manufacturer of taser devices won a victor in a Summit County Court. The taser company filed the lawsuit against the Summit County medical examiner to try to force her to remove the taser devices as a cause of death on three autopsy reports. After the trail, the judge ruled that the taser devices were not a cause of death, and ordered the Summit County medical examiner to remove the devices from the autopsy report as a cause of death. This ruling changed two of the causes of death to homicide, and changed the third to undetermined cause of death.
Summit County lawyers practice primarily in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas. This court, comprised of eight full time judges, is a court of general jurisdiction and hears both civil and criminal cases. In addition, this court is one of the busiest in Ohio and hears more than 1600 cases per year. With this case load, it is important that you have a local Summit County lawyer who is experienced in this fast paced legal environment.
Instead of spending valuable days looking through phonebooks for a lawyer, why not instead visit We are an online legal matching service that can help you find the right Summit County legal professional to represent you in your lawsuit. After giving us some basic information about your case, qualified local attorneys will contact you and suggest gameplans for your situation. Don’t hesitate anymore, check us out today!
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