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Learn More About Lancaster, OH

Lancaster is a Fairfield County city that rests just 33 miles outside of Columbus, Ohio. Lancaster is best known for playing host to Ohio University, Lancaster Festival, and the Ohio Glass Museum. Glass and cereal production are two major industries in Lancaster.

A number of Lancaster residents are bar certified lawyers who are knowledgeable of local courts. Lawyers in Lancaster take a diverse range of cases including divorce, bankruptcy, DUI, civil lawsuit, and criminal cases.

Recently in Lancaster, Elmer Stolzfoos Fisher was arrested for drunken driving. An off duty officer called 911 after he noticed that the driver was slumped over asleep. Stolzfoos failed a sobriety test and blew a .18 into the breathalyzer.

If you have pending legal charges in Lancaster then you will likely be summoned to the Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas. Ohio Courts of Common Pleas retain exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, probate, domestic relations, and juvenile cases but also hear criminal, real property, and administrative agency appeals cases.

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