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Learn More About Sandusky, OH

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Sandusky is a city and the county seat in Erie County, Ohio. Its population is estimated at around 25,600 residents. Sandusky is a popular tourist destination. It is home to a number of water parks and amusement parks, including the Cedar Point amusement park, which features the largest collection of roller coasters in the world.
In November 2009, tragedy struck at one of Sandusky’s water parks, the Kalahari Resorts. A toddler drowned in a three-foot-deep part of Kalahari’s outdoor pool. The day after the incident, county inspectors recommended that the water park have more lifeguards on duty. The family of the todder filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the water park for negligence, seeking at least $75,000 for medical and funeral bills as well as for mental anguish. The suit is still pending in court.
Civil suits arising out of Sandusky involving large monetary awards are heard by the Erie Court of Common Pleas. This court presides over civil disputes and criminal proceedings, and has exclusive jurisdiction over probate, juvenile, and domestic relations matters. The Sandusky Municipal Court may hear civil matters up to $15,000, as well as criminal proceedings and local ordinance violations.
Many court proceedings come at the heels of a traumatic experience. Thus it is critical to hire a lawyer that not only has the expertise to win your case, but also has your trust to handle such sensitive matters in your life. Even for more routine legal issues, it is often advisable to consult with an attorney before taking action. LegalMatch is designed to ease the frustration of finding the right lawyer. We provide a free attorney matching service that enables you to select an attorney in your area specializing in your type of case, all of whom have been pre-screened by us to be in good standing with the state bar. We also provide you with vital information such as each attorney’s price range, prior experience, education, and past client ratings. Don’t let the daunting task of searching for a lawyer prevent you from vindicating your legal rights.
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