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Learn More About Fremont, OH

Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th President of the United States, once called the city of Fremont home, and his presidential library, the first US presidential library ever, still resides there. Fremont is rich with stories from the past and was one of the key garrisons in the war of 1812 – where a mere two-hundred men defended the outpost against Indian and British Soldiers. Today, Fremont is considered a historic town but still has a thriving economy due to the railroads that pass through the city, and the interstate highways that are nearby. 

If you have a legal problem in Sandusky County, a Fremont lawyer would be a great person to talk to. The attorneys in Fremont can represent you in any number of legal matters that you are involved in, including DUI defense, criminal investigations, worker’s compensation, tax disputes, estate planning, child custody, and contract enforcement.

Recently, the Ohio State Supreme Court issued a ruling that was considered to be a great victory for shareholder’s rights activists. The dispute arose when a family of shareholders in a small Fremont bank asked to review the records of the bank, as was their right as shareholders in the company. The Fremont bank denied the request, saying that the shareholders did not hold stock in the bank itself, but rather in the parent company, whose sole obligation was to run the bank. The shareholders sued, arguing that it was a sham for the bank’s parent company to deny the request based on such a small technicality. While both the trial court and the appellate court ruled against the family of shareholders, the Ohio State Supreme Court agreed with the shareholders and decided that the Fremont bank could not use the technicality in the law to prevent access to the bank’s records.

Fremont attorneys are ideally situation to take care of any legal problem you may have in Sandusky County. The Fremont Municipal Court is located in downtown Fremont, and Ohio’s 6th District Court of Appeals is in the nearby city of Toledo. All of the courts in Ohio are unique, and each judge has his or her own personality. When you have legal problems in the city of Fremont, it pays to have a lawyer who knows every judge in the area.

Here at LegalMatch, we only work with the lawyers that have this local knowledge. Every attorney that you will be matched with on is ready and eager to help you with your legal troubles with speed and efficiency.   You have nothing to lose and there is no pressure to move forward with any attorney that may contact you through our free online service, so check out LegalMatch today!

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